A Parting of the Ways

The only metric by which employees are judged at HostGator is ticket count. It doesn't matter whether you're solving issues or just kicking the can down the road, numbers are all that matter.

Trouble with Amazon videos

I have had more trouble trying to watch videos through Amazon Prime than with any other video service.

Turn, Turn, Turn...

It's interesting how things on the Internet are cyclical. Over the past few months, I noticed that there were almost no SSH logins against this server, but starting March 10th, my fail2ban logs show a resurgence in activity. I'm not terribly concerned. Each IP gets three tries before getting a 4 hour ban, and I used key-based authentication only, so all passwords fail.

Yet More Server Changes

I really like ZSH. It has globbing, spelling correction, a variety of built-in prompts, and various other features. It can fully replace Bash for almost everything. A system will even work if /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/zsh. However I discovered that one thing which definitely will not work is dpkg. A .deb file has some built-in scripts that run when you try to install, uninstall, or update the package. These scripts apparently require /bin/sh to be either Bash or Dash and will silently fail if you happen to have symlinked it to ZSH.

Server Changes

This weekend, I bit the bullet and switched the server infrastructure on my VPS. I had wanted to try Phusion Passenger, which can be installed as a module for either nginx or Apache. As I've said before, I use Apache at work all the time so I like using something different at home. Thus, nginx.